Balloon sinuplasty is a revolutionary procedure that can relieve sinus pressure and pain associated with chronic sinusitis without the use of invasive surgery or procedures. Balloon sinuplasty offers numerous benefits over traditional procedures that require the removal of tissue and bone.

Balloon sinuplasty is performed by inserting a small balloon catheter into the sinus, at which point the balloon is then inflated in order to open the sinus. A saline flush of the sinus is performed to clean out mucus and pus and the catheter is then removed. This clears out the sinus while also restructuring and widening the walls of the sinus without compromising the integrity of the lining.

This method is FDA-approved and offers long-term relief from sinusitis symptoms. The procedure is covered by most major health insurance providers and can be performed in the office of the physicians at Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center using local anesthesia. While recovery times vary for each patient, most patients are able to return to work and daily activities within a few days.

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